You should consult a lawyer and/or open the communication with Apple`s lawyers to determine whether the license actually prohibits what you want to do (as lay people seem to have eyes) and whether an exception can be negotiated. There are contact links on this page: A requirement to limit the use of Xcode files to Apple hardware is not new. You can check Wayback Machine for Xcode licenses until 2011, which have the same wording. You can also download old copies of Xcode and check their licenses. That`s what I did out of curiosity. Unfortunately, the first version of Xcode (2.4), which supports the 64-bit code, also has the Apple brand limitation. I also checked the Xcode 2.2.1 and 2.3 versions that contain the SDK 10.4. These also have Apple brand restriction. A standalone 10.4 SDK installation program is available for download, which does not contain this restriction. I hope it`s the SDK you`ve been using all the time. xcode-select refuses to change, find out that I want to use the Xcode 7 Beta 5 version of xcodebuild to see if online order swtiches have been added now. However, Xcode-select refuses to install xcode-select –install: no development tool has been found Only my OS X 10.10 Macbook updated to 10.11 and Xcode updated via the App Store (version 7.0.1 Build 7A1001). Can I use xcodebuild to create an archive without signing it with xcode? I`m building an IOS app for another company.

I used xcode 7 and I was able to make the xcodebuild control line perfect. But to install this tool, you need to install Xcode yourself. Is there a way to install xcodebuild and other outbuildings? I tried to install this package, it contains xcodebuild, but other dependencies seem to be missing. Xcode no longer works after you put “xcode-select-switch,” you should put it on the developer directory and not on the Xcode application package. Run this: sudo xcode-select –switch There are times when different tools, such as z.B. xcodebuild, are supposed to refer to a specific Xcode folder. To counter this, you can use xcode-select. A common application case is when you use scripts and/or makefiles to create your projects. After setting the Xcode folder, xcodebuild is called from the folder you specified. The fact that there are different keys for the “GM” and “Beta” versions explains why accepting a license for a beta does not result in the acceptance of the license for a GM version, and vice versa.

The first Xcode license I accepted was a beta license. Therefore, in a way, the entries in this file were still named … Beta…

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