They should designate beneficiaries for life insurance and deferred pension benefits. Then, these assets can go directly to your beneficiaries, rather than through a will. With life insurance, if you name someone next to your spouse as a beneficiary, your spouse may still be entitled to a portion of the death benefit. Keep this in mind if you want to name children from another marriage as life insurance beneficiaries. On the other hand, the couple can reclassify some assets as individual property and leave all other assets as matrimonial property. A matrimonial property agreement can also be an important part of estate tax planning for some couples. Finally, although Wisconsin`s matrimonial property laws are supposed to apply during the marriage and death of one of the spouses, a matrimonial property contract can be drafted that also applies to divorce. If such an agreement is applicable in the event of divorce, the risk of disagreement during the divorce process on certain issues (p.B disposition of property, decisions on spousal or spousal support, etc.) can be significantly limited. Matrimonial agreements – also known as matrimonial and postnuptial arrangements – are flexible planning tools that help couples who are already getting married or married and want to determine how their assets and debts should be divided in the event of divorce and/or death. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals recently issued a decision interpreting a clause of a prenutial or prenutial arrangement deemed ambiguous.

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