33. There is a restriction that must be mentioned on the legal form of international conventions. The World Tribunal will only review agreements that have been officially registered at the United Nations. If the World Court of Justice were a powerful enforcement body, this restriction would affect the form of important agreements. A sales contract is an informal contract that is most common. They are specific to each situation and do not always contain specific legislation. For example, a sales contract will not be the same if a used car is purchased compared to a brand new car. For it to be legally binding, an informal treaty must include mutual consent, offer and acceptance, as well as consideration. It is not based on formalities, but on the observation of people who make promises and intentions.

38. In this sense, secret treaties resemble informal agreements. 37. Of course, commitments can be set aside, as formal as Saddam was, as Hussein did when he declared in 1981 “zero and no right” to the Iraqi border agreement with Iran. The agreement reached in Algiers in 1975 stipulates that “land and river borders must be untouchable, sustainable and definitive.” There is a price to pay for unilaterally rejecting such an agreement, even if these costs seem at this stage to be very remote. It virtually excludes the possibility of meaningful agreements on other border disputes. See United Nations, United Nations Yearbook, 1981, Vol. See also Iran, , Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Legal Department, A Review of the Imposed War (Tehran: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1983), including the text of the 1975 treaty, the additional treaty, and the interpretation of Iran. Since we both left our last gig and we find out what`s to come, it was time to update a business agreement. This is our current point of contact: however, a “contract” is a certain type of agreement that creates mandatory legal obligations between or between the parties and makes these obligations enforceable by a court. To reach an agreement, two or more parties need only a fundamental understanding of their respective rights and responsibilities. The requirements for regulation are stricter and much more precise.

A contract must contain the following: 3. See Keal, Paul, Unspoken Rules and Superpower Dominance (London: Macmillan, 1983). Some diplomatic efforts have been made to articulate the rules, but they have done little in themselves to clarify expectations.

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