In retrospect to the events that led to her separation and those that followed, her divorce may not seem so shocking: Amy replied directly to a fan that she was not sad for herself, as things turned out after the separation. “I don`t know why you`re sad for me. Sometimes people come very easily on divorce and I`m on divorce, but I think divorce is also that you`ve lost something, something doesn`t work that you thought it was going to. I`m not sure you`re sad, but I`m not sad for myself. With all the changes coming to Roloff`s farms, it`s safe to say that things will never be the same again. But that doesn`t mean their lives have taken a wrong turn. After all, the Roloffs are happy with their new life. It paved the way for better things for the family. Forward. Matt and Amy Roloff shocked Little People, Big World fans, by announcing their decision to divorce after nearly three decades of seemingly tangled bliss in 2015.

(Turns out they weren`t really that compatible!) More than a year after Amy sought divorce, the former Flames reached the deal in May 2016. In season 21, Amy and Zach meet to talk to Amy about leaving the farm. Zach asked Amy when her agreement on her home at Roloff Farms would be settled with Matt. Amy explained that Matt wanted a deal with a quick turn. Without Amy and Matt Roloff, there would be no Roloff Farms, let alone little People, Big World. Together, they turned a 34-hectare plot into the ultimate goal of pumpkin season, created a TLC reality empire, and raised four children — Zach, 28, Jeremy, 28, Molly, 25, and Jacob, 22. After Amy and Matt announced in 2015 that they were going to divorce, it was a sad surprise for all the little people, Big World fans. After 27 years of marriage, Amy and Matt took the next step and sought divorce together. Court documents show that they shared their assets in the same way and were “satisfied” with the results. In one scene, Matt asks Amy if she would consider moving to a small house.

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