The MSA also exposes your company`s liability in the event of an accident. In the rapidly changing world of oil services, it is tempting to do business again with a handshake. However, it is in the interest of your company and the oil field operator to have a signed MSA. The alternative could be a lawsuit of millions of dollars and a financial ruin. The most common exemption granted to an oil operator or advisor is the reduction of overshoot or liability limits. Sometimes the owner or operator requires 10MM or 5MM at the overrun limits. During the review, we draw attention to the specific differences and explain why the insurance requested does not apply to the oilfield operator or consulting activities. Unless written permission to the contrary from the company, all products, inventories, equipment, equipment or other personal items incorporated into the plant must, if necessary, comply with good oil field practices. The rental equipment provided by the contractor in connection with the plant, if any, should not be new, but will be in accordance with good oilfield practices.

The work performed is verified and/or controlled by the company representative. The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is applying a new test to determine whether an oil field service contract is a maritime contract. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this agreement and a field employment contract, a service order or contract, a work ticket, an invoice, a declaration, a declaration, a published tariff plan or any other type of written or oral memorandums between the operator and the contractor regarding the purpose of this agreement, the provisions of this agreement are monitored. HOLDER COMPTE of the mutual promises, conditions and agreements it contains, the adequacy of which is recognized, and specific specifications and provisions that appear in all attachments and to be included, The contracting parties agree to each other: at the request of the operator and with the operator`s agreement for the convenience of the operator, the supplier insures certain goods or services by a third party, paid directly by the operator or paid for by the operator and reimbursed by the operator on a passport basis and reimbursed without further charge by the operator for the purposes of the compensation and release provisions under this agreement, these goods or services are considered to be goods or goods provided by the operator or which include goods and/or goods subject to this agreement. inventory, equipment, equipment and other personal property, if any, and include, if applicable, all vessels, equipment, equipment and crews (together “work”) that are requested in writing by the company and are provided or agreed by the contractor during the duration of the agreement. A work order, an order, delivery note or other similar documents provided by the contractor or any other party other than the company, which contain conditions inconsistent with the terms of this agreement, or an instruction or order provided by the company, are not in advance, regardless of the explicit language, and whether it is signed by a representative, representative or staff member of the company, and the terms of that agreement are always monitored in these cases. After acceptance of a written application for work, the contractor must begin work in accordance with the specifications and requirements set out in the company`s application for the plant or after the company`s subsequent request and, if applicable, in the contract provided by the company. A work order may be Schedule “D” in the attached form, if the parties agree at the time of the application or in some other form that the parties may accept.

such defects, provided that the holder is informed in writing by the holder before the supplier leaves the well site. The sole liability of the contractor and the operator`s exclusive recourse in any claim (whether it is a contractual act, an unlawful act, a breach of the guarantee or other

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